What does a volunteer get?

  • Work with causes you are passionate about
  • Improve skills or develop new skills
  • Work remotely and when you are available
  • Build your portfolio
  • Connect and network with volunteers, mentors and like-minded people in your industry

How can I get started?

  1. Fill out the interest form below or reach out directly to info@hypercollaborative.org
  2. Hyper Collaborative will pair volunteers with causes and projects they believe in.
  3. After Hyper Collaborative has worked with the client to gather requirements, there will be a kick-off meeting with a Project Manager and work will be distributed based on the availability of each volunteer.
  4. Semi-regular check-ins will typically happen utitlizing key resources such as Basecamp, and we’ll always be mindful and thankful of each others time. One of the key beauties about Hyper Collaborative is that we can do the work any time we want. Working asynchronously will help us get more done as a team and create more impact.
  5. The project is complete!

Volunteer Resources