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What services do you provide? What does a non-profit get?

  1. Donate-what-you-can technology services
  2. Decrease the burden of technology on your organization
  3. Free up resources so you can focus on core organization goals, in turn, having more impact and effectiveness

What do you mean when you say “Donate-What-You-Can”?

Traditionally, the services we provide can be pretty expensive. However, we’ve designed our organization so that it’s not, because we want you to focus on your cause, not your website. For our services, we accept donations from our clients. This can be thought of as a sliding scale, but instead of payment, it is a donation so that we can continue to provide passionate individuals to your cause.

How does Hyper Collaborative approach their work?

We utilize general design thinking and human-centered design to understand our clients and the needs of the causes or issues our clients are addressing. We design and develop technology solutions that are suitable and sustainable.

General Schedule
  1. Design Kick Off - The first meeting to discuss project, process, and budget.
  2. Design Explore - The second meeting to explore ideas, inspiration, samples, wireframes, etc.
  3. Design Confirm - The third meeting to confirm software requirements.
  4. Development - Execution of software development.
  5. Checkins - Status report during development.
  6. Design Polish - Design feedback and imporvements.

What main technology and tools does Hyper Collaborative work with?

We use html, css, javascript, and ruby mostly, but we are open to talking about others! Here are the frameworks and tools we leverage: Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Wix, Squarespace, Jekyll, GatsbyJS, Wordpress, and various other APIs and services like Digital Ocean for hosting.