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What main technology and tools does Hyper Collaborative work with?

We use html, css, javascript, and ruby mostly, but we are open to talking about others! Here are the frameworks and tools we leverage:

  • Ruby on Rails - for full stack web development
  • React - for frontend development and custom static sites
  • React Native - for native iOS and Android development
  • jQuery - library for working with javascript
  • Wix, Squarespace, Jekyll, GatsbyJS - for static sites
  • Wordpress - for large CMS with a lot of content updates
  • Expo.io - for React Native development, testing, and distribution
  • Digital Ocean - for cloud hosting and devops
  • Basecamp - for project management and communications
  • Slack - for chat and instant messaging
  • Github - for version control

And more! Obviously, there are many tools out there for us to leverage, but these are some of the highlights. We want to keep things as simple and as cost-effective as possible, and we find these core frameworks allow us to do that. Keeping things simple really help onboarding and maintenance of projects.

How can I learn more about the Hyper Collaborative approach to development?

We’re big fans of basecamp and the approach they take with their product and tools. We also believe that approach fits nicely with Hyper Collaborative’s mission. Here are some resources we reference regularly: