Hyper Collaborative is a pending 501(c)(3) organization that was founded by Brandon C Sammons and Kristen Goss as a technology services non-profit with two main goals.

  1. Provide appropriate and reasonable technology services and consulting to non-profits and social good organizations on a Donate-What-You-Can basis.
  2. Bring volunteer and mentorship opportunities to passionate individuals with a focus on developers and engineers.

Team Members

The Hyper Collaborative team is diverse and passionate about helping provide technology services to organizations doing impactful work. We work together from all over the world to provide technology solutions that are suitable and maintainable for our clients.

Contact Us

Contact us about your next project or to volunteer. We are always looking for ways to help non-profits and social good organizations with their work, and we do that by pairing volunteers with causes they care about.

Email us at info@hypercollaborative.org